Sensitive Skin People Should Follow These Tips for Better Experience

Do you have sensitive skin that cuts bad when you shave? Fortunately, I am in the same vote. I want to help you get in a good shave with sensitive skin. A nice clean relaxing shave that won’t have you screaming and looking like a horror movie. I have been in your shoes and I want to help you out with the shave the best way I can. Generally, all you need is to apply the best shaving cream for sensitive skin to help the skin smoothen out. The skin doesn’t want to cut right. You must force it to cut right. When you use creams on skin, you trick your body into letting blades cut it closer. For more information on subject, view what I got to say below.


Use Proper Shave Equipment

Having the most proper shave equipment gets the shaving done. Not having anything that you could possibly need to make skin smooth is going to hurt you. So, go out and get a clean new razor first. You could use an electric razor. But, razors are more likely to shave everything off. Next, buy shaving cream for sensitive skin. Very important, to buy shaving cream for sensitive skin. Your skin is not going to blend with regular skin creams. Get the best shaving cream for sensitive skin while your at it. Best makes the skin flat and capable of getting the ingrown hairs pulled. Moving on, you should consider washing face with cold water. Doing this will wake up the hairs on face that are very stiff. You want those hairs to be very relaxed when shaving. More relax means softer shave in mirror.

Check the Blades

Equally important, check the blades of the razor you use. Old razors have very dull blades. I strongly suggest you switch to a new razor quick. Being cheap does not matter when you have sensitive skin. Imagine the pain you could be causing yourself with each swipe. I experience this pain last year. I never want to experience the face backing up and telling me stuck razor again. Tiny hairs stutter the shave motion and shred off in blood because they hold a type grip in face root. Prevent, by buying new razors at the shop and seeing if those razors have nice sharp blades for shaving. At all times, check the blades to get the nice and soft shaving experience you truly desire.

What is more, some razors have optical strips to indicate their effective sharpness. Advanced detection technology to help people see when the razor loses its sharp capability. To save a little bit of time, look for a razor that has strips that tell you when the razor is sharp and decreasing sharp. They come in hand when you really want to know if your razor is causing the problem. I believe the process works when the razor changes color. Though, you should read the instructions on back of razor to see how optical strips change.

Prep Skin for Shaving

More importantly, sensitive skin must be prep before a razor goes on it. Wash the face with cold water to smoothen it up. Then, wait 3 minutes or so for the water to sink in. Let the coldness loosen the facial hair grips on face. The next thing you should do is set aside time to shave. How much time? That really depends on how good your tools are and how long it take you to shave. Truthfully, you should set aside about 10 to minutes for shaving. Bring in all tools you need to shave with you as well. Once all this is done, proceed to apply some shaving cream or gel to face. Apply it to all areas on face you want to shave. After, you are now ready to shave your face. Good luck and don’t move too fast.

5 of The Best Mountain Bike Cameras for Cycling

There are so many cameras on the market these days, so how can you choose one that is best for your needs? As mountain bikers, it’s vital to choose a camera that really captures and demonstrates our amazing off-road experiences. Have no fear, this guide will help you to choose your best camera for cycling!

Let’s talk criteria. Due to the outdoor nature of cycling photography, it’s essential that your camera have a viewfinder. The sunlight may interfere with cameras (such as smartphone cameras) which force you to use a screen to frame your picture. Imagine pulling up photoshop after a few days of picturesque mountain riding, only to find uncorrectable sunspots, shadows, and the like. UGH! Remember that the best camera for cycling will have a viewfinder: this rules out about 95% of cameras, which just made your job of picking one a lot more simple!

One criterion that does not matter as much as you might think is megapixels. Most cameras on the market today have more megapixels than you would ever actually need for your website or blog. So don’t worry about megapixels when picking the best camera for cycling and, again, your job just got easier! Phew!

Now that we’ve covered criteria, let’s get into types of cameras.


smart phone

We all know them, we all have them, and we all use them all the time. Your iphone or Android are great choices they fit in your pocket, and, odds are, you already have yours with you–so forgetting it is a difficult feat! They can create decent images when lighting is ideal, but, of course, it won’t always be! As mentioned, this is where not having a viewfinder really becomes an issue. A smartphone probably isn’t your best bet if you are a pro-cycler/photographer, but it’s a great place to start.

Bridge Cameras

Bridge Cameras

These specialized cameras are also known as zoom cameras. They tend to be relatively large, as compared to compact cameras, and the added zoom feature doesn’t seem to be particularly advantageous for cycling photography.

Compact Cameras

Compact Cameras

Compact or “point-and-shoot” cameras have quickly been losing popularity these days, as just about everyone has a camera in their pocket already on their smartphone. However, these cameras can come in handy as they are specialized to different tasks. Some compact cameras are waterproof (you wouldn’t want to ruin your iphone in the rain just trying to get that one perfect shot, would you?) and others are shockproof. You can also find higher-end models that bolster better lenses and more features than traditional compact cameras or smartphones. Some even have a viewfinder!

You can shop around on Amazon if you think that a compact camera will work for your cycling needs. We recommend the Pentax WG-3 GPS as well as Nikon Coolpix and Nikon Powershot series.

Large-Sensor Compacts

The sensors on these cameras are larger than those on traditional compacts (hense the name), which renders a better image quality, even in poor lighting conditions. However, they are larger than the standard compact camera and tend to be more expensive.

Compact System Cameras

This is a relatively new category of Camera, with the Micro Four Thirds being the first of its kind. Some prime examples of a compact system camera are the Olympus OMD-EM5 or the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G6. You can find this camera with a variety of sensor sizes. If you are planning on going this route, make sure you find a compact system camera with a view-finder. It’s worth the investment.

SLR Cameras

SLR Cameras

We all know and respect the coveted single-lense-reflex camera. Although larger and heavier than compact cameras, and while bulk and weight should always be considered when trying to determine your best camera for cycling, this camera will hands-down give you the best result if quality is what you’re after. If size is an issue for you, consider a smaller SLR like Canon’s EOS 100D. We also love Nikon’s D3200 and D5100, and find these cameras to be reasonable in size depending on your lense choice.

Another factor to consider with SLR cameras is price and protection. You may not be prepared to spend hundreds of dollars on a new camera at risk of exposure to the elements. If this is the case, consider a weatherproofed camera like the Pentax K-30. Weatherproofed cameras may run you slightly more in price, but the extra protection will be worth it in the long run.

Whichever direction you decide to go when figuring out what your best camera for cycling is SLRS definitely take the cake when it comes to superior imagine quality. For serious cycling photographers, it’s definitely worth making the investment. If you’re just starting out, we recommend a compact camera or compact system camera with a view-finder.

Tips On Proper Hydration For Kids

The human body relies primarily on body fluids to sustain life. That is the reason why about two-thirds of our bodies is made up of water. Without enough water in the body, it cannot function as it should. Body water is used to help regulating your body’s temperature, digest food and excrete waste, deliver needed nutrients and oxygen to the major parts of the body like the brain and the lungs. However, your body constantly loses water throughout the day. Body water is released when you sweat, urinate, defecate, breathe, and even if you do nothing. Water in the body also condenses and leaves it as nature requires it. Lost body fluids can easily be replaced if your child has the best water bottle for kids.

Lifestraw-Laura-Castro-1-706x470 (1)

Since the body does not have any reserve for fluids that are constantly lost through the bodily processes mentioned earlier, it is crucial that one tops up the water content in the body by drinking regularly. If not, dehydration will set in. You might not even know it and think that you are only thirsty when in fact you are actually already dehydrated.

It is only when a great amount of the stored body fluid has been lost that you may feel or think that you are thirsty. One disturbing fact is that younger children are at a higher risk of dehydration than adults.

Kids, as we know it, are quite active throughout the day. They also do not have a fully functioning thirst mechanisms that make them even more at risk to dehydration. They can also find so many reasons not to drink. A water source that is not far enough, tasty enough, or cold enough will not encourage them to drink as much as they should. As a result, you will find them voluntarily dehydrating themselves thinking that they can just chug a more when they are too thirsty that they don’t have time to think about the taste, the color or even the source of the water replacement.

Children cannot easily recognize the early signs of dehydration, so it is up to you to keep on reminding them that they need to be properly hydrated to be at their best at any time. They need to understand that without adequate water to fuel the body’s system, they won’t be able to think properly. Concentration will be a lot difficult, and they will find things that they usually do a lot exhausting.

It’s a terrible thing to discover that it’s too late. Note that thirst is not a reliable indicator for one’s need to drink. By the time that your child may think or feel that he or she is thirsty, about 1-3% of his or her body weight have already been lost. That means the child have already used up that amount of body water. And you can easily tell if your child is hydrated.

How will you know if your child is hydrated?

The easiest way to tell if your child is dehydrated is if you noticed that he or she requires frequent bathroom breaks. These symptoms are also commonly manifested by young children who are at the brink of dehydration:

  • Dizziness
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • An increased need for water
  • Dry lips
  • Dry mouth
  • Dark urine
  • Lethargy
  • Irritability

Though mild and moderate dehydration may be harmless, you will notice that it will affect your child’s cognitive functioning. It happens because the blood that carries the needed oxygen and nutrients to the brain and the lungs gets thickened as less water in the plasma is available to be used. It will also be difficult for the child to breathe easily and will find doing things that he or she usually finds easy, quite taxing.

The easiest solution to this is to encourage your child to drink water more often and not just when he or she already feels thirsty.

How much water will be enough to provide proper hydration for your kid?

There are so many factors that may affect the amount of water that your child will need. It will depend primarily on the level of activity that the child is engaging in, his or her age, overall health, the temperature within the location, his or her clothing, and so on.

To understand the hydration levels for each age level, it is best to consider a guideline provided by authorities in this aspect of health. One of the organizations that provide such information is the British Nutrition Foundation. In an article written by H. Gibson-Moore of the BNF and published on the Nutrition Bulletin of the Wiley Online Library, indicated that children from the following age groups need to drink water or fluids as much as indicated below to be considered properly hydrated:

  • Boys and girls ages 2 to 3 years needs to drink about 0.9–1.0 liters per day;
  • Boys and girls ages 4 to 8 years to drink about 1.1–1.3 liters per day;
  • Girls ages 9 to 13 years to drink about 1.3–1.5 liters per day;
  • Boys ages 9 to 13 years to drink about 1.5–1.7 liters per day;
  • Girls ages 14 to 18 years to drink about 1.4–1.6 liters per day; and
  • Boys ages 14 to 18 years to drink about 1.8–2.0 liters per day.

To ensure that your child stays hydrated, you may want to consider these tips:

  1. Encourage them to back their own water bottle to bring to school or wherever they may have to go.
  2. Remind them of the importance of regular hydration and how they can get proper hydration even when they are engaging in intense activities.
  3. Be a role model for them. Allowing them to see you get yourself properly hydrated every time and wherever you are, will also encourage your child to do the same.
  4. Allow them to choose from the many brands that say that they offer the best water bottle for kids. They will drink more from a bottle that they like. Guide them as they choose. Find the best water bottle that offer the best value for your money. Consider the size, shape, make, safety, and other features that will give yours the advantage over other water bottles.
  5. Make your child’s drink flavorful. Squeeze some lemon juice or other fruit juices in your child’s water bottle. This will make the drink tastier, and your kid will love it.


This is an easy solution that you can always start at home. Make your child love the thought of drinking water. Once it becomes a habit, it will be difficult to break.

Revamp Your Style: Creative Ideas For Pregnancy Wardrobe

Your pregnancy should be as stress-free as you could possibly make it. Though there is little that you can really change with the developments that you may experience while you are pregnant, you can still do something about how you can respond to those unappealing changes, however. One of the inevitable things that you can do is to revamp your style so that you will be most comfortable, especially when you are at your biggest during your journey to motherhood. Keeping a few pairs of one of the best leggings for pregnancy, belly bands, and a few other maternity essentials will help you build your maternity wardrobe with ease.


You may still wonder if you really need to buy maternity clothes to get you through your pregnancy or just depend on your pre-pregnancy clothes. To help you decide which step to take, consider these tips.

Be creative; put your pre-pregnancy clothes to good use. At the start of your second trimester, you will notice that your baby bump is beginning to grow faster. First-time moms-to-be do not share the same sentiments when it comes to the unpleasant changes that happen during pregnancy. The added weight, bulging tummy, unpleasant pregnancy marks, swelling feet and ankles, waddling, and so on, can be quite troublesome. Others consider this an insightful adventure into the unknown. However you may feel towards your condition, it is best to remember that the fetus inside your tummy is always expecting more from you. And whatever you do will affect the health of your baby. As much as possible, you need to find ways to be happy throughout your pregnancy.

One of the ways that you can do to compensate for these challenges is to wear something that will boost your confidence. There are so many styles that will complement a baby bump and will make you look and feel great about yourself at the same time. You don’t have to settle for less. Be creative if you want to save more and rely on a few of your pre-pregnancy clothes during the early part of your pregnancy. As your belly grows, you’ll also have the chance to sport the latest in maternity fashion, that is if your budget allows. If you are concerned with stretching the value of every dollar, you may use your current clothing (and, perhaps even your partner’s clothes) throughout your pregnancy (and even beyond).

Whatever you decide, you could use a little help in this area, so we came up with a list of things that will make your maternity wardrobe building a little more stress-free.

Make the necessary adjustments

During the early phase of your pregnancy, you may still want to use your pre-pregnancy clothes. It will depend, of course, on the size of your growing bump. You may want to make minor adjustments to your clothes so that they will still be wearable. Here’s some help:

For longer-fitting shirts and blouses, as well as tunics, stretchy tanks, and also tees, you may wear them without worries as they can decently cover your baby bump.

Wear your favorite skirt a little higher on your tummy. Just make sure that it won’t be too restricting on your baby belly.

Loose-fitting pants and flowy tops will also be perfect during this stage of your pregnancy.

To wear your favorite pair of jeans, wear an elastic band or a maternity band over the unbuttoned jeans then, put on a good-fitting top to cover the belly band.

Want to say, “NO” to maternity clothes?

If you would rather wear regular clothes instead of maternity clothes, you may want to consider these tips:

Elastic waistbands and drawstring bottoms will treat your baby bump kindly, so better find a few clothes with them.

Soft knits are also made with stretch so they will provide enough comfort and support to your baby bump. Pair it with a similar colored top and you are good to go.

Blazers and cardigans can also be worn unbuttoned. A cute shell or blouse will be a good pair for either of these.

Wearing low-rise pants below your growing belly will provide enough support and will also be gentle on your baby bump.

As you might have noticed, the primary concern when deciding which clothes to buy or to wear is your comfort. It’s best that you buy clothes that are one or two sizes larger than your pre-pregnancy clothes. The pieces that you buy will also be great transitional items that you can put on once you have given birth to your baby.

It is also best to choose clothes that are made of Lycra and Spandex. Remember that your baby belly will expand as the months pass by, so you need to make sure that the clothes that you will wear won’t be too tight or restricting.

As a new mom-to-be, you will need to make room for a few pieces of new maternity clothes. When deciding which to add to your wardrobe, consider these things:

Don’t limit yourself to popular retail stores. Visit consignment shops, garage sales, and even eBay (perfect sites for auctioneers) for second-hand clothes. You can always rely on Mr. Google for sites that serve the needs of expecting mothers for maternity clothes.

Invest in some premium quality maternity clothes. You can wear them longer compare to cheap clothes. You’ll save more in the end.

You can also borrow from friends and relatives who have maternity clothes that are still in good condition.

Add a couple of outfits that boost your confidence and make you feel good while wearing them. Pair these pieces with other items in your closet to create a wardrobe of figure-flattering duds.

Pregnancy is the time to look and feel great. Don’t be in a rush. Find the best that looks good and feels good on you. Mix and match and you’ll soon find what works best for you

Tips on How to Choose the Best Shoes for Pregnancy

There are so many changes going on inside and outside a woman’s body during pregnancy. It comes as an exciting change for the whole family and everyone waits in anticipation of the coming baby. Every person in the family, even relatives, and friends participate in the nine-month-long journey until they all witness the birth of the new bundle of joy. It may seem to be all positive emotions, but there are more than just that. Throughout the nine months of pregnancy, the expecting mother would also have to bear a lot of pain. One of the best changes that she can do is to have a few couple pairs of the best shoes for pregnancy.

Pregnant woman taking off her shoes
Keeping up with pregnancy woes

During pregnancy, the growing baby’s weight will be a lot for the pregnant woman to bear. This changes so much about and in her. If you are one of these expectant moms, you will understand how much a woman’s body sore especially during the second and third trimester when the baby has already developed.

At the onset of pregnancy, accompanying challenges may not seem to be much. Early morning vomiting, nausea, dizziness, aversion to some food, can easily be managed. But as the condition progresses, there will be sleepless nights, undesirable skin changes, lower back pains, swelling ankles and feet, and all sorts of unusual body changes that can make any woman feel upset at times.

There’s nothing much that you can change about the condition. The baby continues to grow and the weight it adds on will put pressure on your whole body. The best thing that you can do is find one that can provide the best support for your aching body. Too much weight gained within such a short time will be too much for your feet to bear. You need to be kinder to those feet. If not, you’ll feel even more pains.

A small change goes a long way

Choosing the best footwear for pregnancy is all you need to lessen the aches that your feet (and your whole body) will feel. It is just a small change compared to what you will gain throughout your pregnancy, so if you are ready to lessen the burden, find the best shoes for pregnancy. Make your journey towards childbirth a lot more stress-free. Walk your way through the day feeling great about having a growing baby inside your belly.

Your center of gravity may change. You may waddle instead of walk. With a good-fitting yet stylish footwear, you can rock your way through your pregnancy and feel good about yourself. This will also be a good way of preventing the risks of falling, slipping, or tripping as your feet will feel more secure with a footwear that provides better support to your body.

Just like changing your maternity wardrobe, this simple change to your shoes will ensure that you will have more time to enjoy your pregnancy without feeling restricted.

Your feet are swelling, what should you do?

Why do they swell in the first place? Dr. Yvonne Butler Tobah explains that the fluid retained during pregnancy, the expanding uterus which impairs the blood flow, as well as hormonal changes, are the reason for ankle and feet swelling during pregnancy.

Wearing tight shoes when you are pregnant will add pressure to your feet. This also restricts water in your body to flow freely causing more swelling and a lot more pain not just to the feet but to the whole body.

Varicose veins are also common during pregnancy. The common cause of this is also almost the same as that which are already mentioned. This adds to the pain that you may already have. To lessen the pain that you may feel, experts recommend wearing thick socks and NO tight shoes on. That means you may just have to ditch those high-heeled shoes that you have been wearing for so long. Instead, start looking for a few pairs that will be kind enough to your feet.

If you are still uncertain on how to find the right pair for your feet, check the guideline below. This will help you choose the right footwear for pregnancy.

Look for the right fit

When looking for anything, size always matters. When you are pregnant, you need a pair that not only will feet your growing feet but will provide much support to your whole body. Find a couple of pairs that are about a size or two bigger than your regular shoes. Consider both length and width. It will be better if you buy shoes during the latter part of the day as this will be the time when your feet have already absorbed much pressure from your body after walking or sitting for hours.

Look for a pair that complements comfort with style

Pregnancy does not mean boring. You can still look good and feel good at the same time. There are several variations available, so don’t just settle for the very first pair that you see in a store or online even if you know that there are more shoes with better-looking designs available.

The design should not be too complicated, however. Shoes with redundant knotted-strings will a lot more difficult to wear as bending over will really be a challenge. Opt for a footwear with rubber straps as they will be very easy to put on and will be quite convenient for your travel.

Footwear made of suitable materials will definitely be pregnancy-friendly


Soft, highly elastic, water-absorbing, airy and cool materials for a footwear are what you should be looking for. Try as many pairs you can find to find the right shoes that will provide the most comfortable fit for your shoes.

Say “NO” to heels

Balance can be a lot difficult to maintain when you are pregnant. Moving around in heels will not only be difficult, it can be hazardous. It’s best that you look for a pair with wider and lower heels as wearing shoes like these will be a lot easier to walk around with.

Opt for high friction shoe heels

High friction shoes are safer to wear, not just when you are pregnant. It gives  your feet more security when walking around, especially on wet or slippery floors and pathways. Don’t lose your footing. Find a pair of footwear that has a better grip on the floor and on your shoes.

Keep them clean

When you are pregnant, you will feel hot a lot of times. Your feet will also perspire more. Needless to say, you need to keep your feet dry. Replacing your shoes twice a day will also be appropriate. Air dry your shoes for at least 8 hours before storing them. Keep them smelling clean and fresh all the time.


Your shose matters, especially when you are pregnant. Look for pregnancy-friendly pairs that you can use at any time without worries.

Maternity Clothing Essentials For The Stylish Moms

You can’t just wear anything when you are pregnant as a pregnant woman’s requirements when it comes to the proper maternity clothing is quite different from that who is not expecting. That’s why you will have to find the best leggings for pregnancy if you want to wear a few pairs during this period. There are also some maternity must-haves that you need to consider to have a more comfortable and happier pregnancy.


Pregnancy discomfort

A growing belly won’t just feel good in about anything you will try to fit it in. Anything that will add more pressure to your growing belly (also your growing body) will just make you feel worse.

During pregnancy, you experience headaches, vomiting, dizziness, nausea, bloating, swelling, mood swings. You even feel tired quite easily because you carry more weight and as the baby inside your belly depends on you for all the nutrients that it needs throughout the pregnancy. If you just put on anything that you think or see will fit your whole body in, you might soon find out that you sweat a lot quicker or are not feeling quite comfortable in them.

The American Pregnancy Association discusses these pregnancy challenges in detail and provides some practical ways of preventing, even alleviating, them.

Some of the discomfort that you may feel during this period may be caused or worsened by the kind of clothing that you wear. There are several ill-fitting maternity clothes that you may think will just suit you fine. Did you ever think of checking what material that blouse, skirt, leggings, or pants were made of? You were just too excited about getting over the day that you just slipped on the last pair of underwear or jeans you have in your closet. It’s only a few hours later that you feel different in your private parts that you thought of checking your undies or your clothes.

You did not realize that during this period, your hormones are acting up causing so many drastic changes in your body, including vaginal discharge. It’s only after you realized that what you wear may worsen any condition that you thought of changing your wardrobe.

There are unnecessary as well as unavoidable discomfort that you may experience throughout this period. However, if you can find the maternity clothing essentials to add to replace (for the meantime) whatever you have in your wardrobe, there will be a lot more comfortable days that will add joy to your pregnancy.

This is the reason why I am sharing with you some of the maternity must-haves that you may want to add to your list of to buy or to keep in your closet.

Pregnancy Must-Have: The Basics

Every expecting mother should have these basic but essential items of clothings. If you have them in your wardrobe, it will be easy for you to either dress up or dress down depending on the occasion, and, of course, your preference. These must-haves are comfortable yet stylish. I am certain that you will want to have just a piece or a pair of these maternity clothing essentials once you have experienced having them at any point in your pregnancy. This will add variety to the usual maternity dresses that you can find in many stores.

Hopefully, this will help you find the best maternity wear that will not only make you feel comfortable throughout your pregnancy but will also allow you to put your best foot forward as you feel and look totally stylish while wearing them.

Maternity Clothing Essentials for a comfy and stylish pregnancy

Pregnancy leggings

First, do not mistake this with the ordinary leggings that you frequently see on department stores and many online stores. Pregnancy leggings are made of more elastic and durable materials so they can provide the right support to the baby bump. They may also come with different cuts and designs so as to offer the kind of support and comfort that a pregnant woman like you requires.

Aside from the comfort it provides, leggings are also a versatile piece of clothing. You can pair with a nice top or blouse that can suit even a formal occasion. Stock up on them for it will be money well spent.

Basic tops

Another maternity clothing essential is the basic top. You can also dress up or dress down when you have one comfortable and stylish top to go with your lower garment. Just put on a cardigan or a vest and you are good to go. As they follow the contour of your body, you can show off your bump in while wearing one of them. Check out this floral and polka dot pleated peplum v-neck maternity top or short sleeve button up tunic top. Your choices are limitless, so find a few that best suit your preference.

Maxi dress

Even while you are still heavy with a child, you can still make a statement and be effortlessly beautiful. They are quite comfortable to wear and are available in a wide variety of styles. You will never run out of options when it comes to this piece of maternity clothing.

Maternity jeans

You can just wear about anything with maternity jeans. When looking for the right maternity jeans, make sure that you try a pair before buying them. It is also a good practice to pick one that will provide the right support for your belly bump. You may want to look for a pair with drawstrings, a jersey panel, or an under-the-bump style maternity jeans.

Maternity belly band

A belly band not only provides support to the belly and your back, it can also be a practical piece of maternity item that you can use to hold your pre-pregnancy pants so that you can still wear them even while you are pregnant.

Comfortable footwear

As your pregnancy progresses, it may be difficult for you to walk properly. The pressure of your baby’s weight may also cause your center of gravity to change and cause your feet to swell and create pain down the lower parts of your body. As such, it is important that you find the most comfortable footwear (flats, slip on, even boots if you become pregnant during the cool season).


You don’t need to rush when looking for the most comfortable pieces of must-haves for pregnancy. Remember that you and your baby’s health and safety depend on everything that you do with your body during pregnancy. Take time to compare items that you find in store or find related reviews. Also, don’t forget to try anything you consider buying.

Is there any particular piece of pregnancy wear that you love? If you can share your experience below on how you choose the best maternity clothing essential for pregnancy, that will be very much appreciated.

What are the benefits of a maternity pillow?

Pregnancy is a wonderful journey that every woman anticipates going through even with the unnecessary pains and changes that it brings with it.


At the beginning of pregnancy, you wait with excitement thinking that you will soon have to cherish a life that you will look after for the rest of your life. However, your body will experience unusual changes. Your pre-pregnancy body will soon be far from how it was. Your skin will continue to expand as it accommodates the growing life inside you. As it happens, your sleep quality will change as well. Later or sooner you will need to find the best pillow pregnancy pillow for back pain to prevent further ill effects that many sleepless nights may bring with it.

As you will have to think and accomplish a lot of things throughout the day, the last thing that you would rather want to dwell on is the feeling of exhaustion as a result of a restless sleep the night before.

Not only you are affected with such a troublesome sleep, though. As you toss and turn on the bed, your partner, who only wants that you get the quality sleep that you and your baby need, he will also feel the pressure on the bed. As a result, might share the same quality of sleep throughout the night. That could be a real problem for both of you.

Fortunately, there is hope. There are many options that you can do to have a better sleep. One of the easiest ways is to use maternity or a pregnancy pillow.

How will you distinguish a pregnancy pillow from an ordinary pillow?

A maternity pillow is not like your usual everyday cushion which you love to toss about and play pillow fights with another member of the family or a friend. Your regular pillow Your regular pillow could actually not even provide the right bedtime support that you need. You can always place can fluff and place a regular pillow underneath your head or on any other part of your body but it won’t be able to provide the adequate that your body needs to have a better sleep.

A pregnancy pillow is designed primarily designed to meet your needs as your pregnancy progresses. The changing contour of your body will make it difficult for you to find the most comfortable position that will allow you to have the best quality of sleep. With one of the maternity pillows that you can use to prop your head, neck, tummy, as well as other parts of your body, you can have that wonderful rested feeling that you can fall asleep without other concerns for the rest of the night.

These special pillows come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and they are intended for specific purposes. They are made to be quite versatile that you can use them long after you have given birth to your baby.

Why should you use a pregnancy or a maternity pillow?

Pregnancy pillows are designed to provide adequate support to the different areas of your body as it changes throughout your pregnancy. Note that your belly expands to allow your baby to fit in. In the same manner, your pelvic area also opens up to expand to allow the baby to be aligned to the birth canal until it is time for labor. So, your belly expands. This adds weight to your body and causes the center of gravity to change as your stomach is pulled forward. It also causes tension on the core muscles. This strains the back muscles and results in a lot of pain. YYour hips also widen and cause more pain at times.

These pregnancy pillows are made to minimize the strain that you may feel on your neck, wrists, ankles, waist, and so on. Once your body is resting on specific places of the pillow, the pillow follows the contour of your body providing a better alignment to the whole body. As a result, you will have a peaceful and restful sleep.

How should you choose the best pillow for pregnancy?

Before deciding which one to buy, you need to consider a number of factors to find the best that will suit your preferences, including the following:


Every pillow comes with a price tag. It depends on factors like the brand, materials, quality, and so on. Pick one that will give you the most value for the money you will spend.


Pregnancy pillows come in different types. The basic types are the wedge, full-length, contoured, knee, as well as a combination of both.


These specialty pillows are made with different paddings. They can be made of the following materials: Polyester fiber filling, Styrofoam ball filling, microfiber beads, memory foam, and also hypoallergenic/organic materials. Each material will have a different care and handling requirement, however.

Ease of cleaning

Most pillows come with instructional labels for the proper cleaning and handling of the pillow. Be sure to check each out, so you can determine if the pillow will allow you to have it cleaned. If so, in what manner and how frequent.

Sleeping posture

How do you think will the pillow be used? Will it provide support for the neck, shoulders and back or you’d rather want to have one that can provide support for most parts of the body?


How much space do you have for your next pregnancy pillow? Some of these pillows will only fit in bigger beds, so you have to be certain of the size of the pillow and the place where you want to have it before you purchase.


Different filling materials can create different sound quality when pressure is applied to them. You may be turning around and could press on any part of the pillow. For a less squeaky or quieter pillow, opt for one that will not cause much sound when pressed.


This can also determine if the pillow can support your weight while you are resting on it. Make sure of the usual sleeping position that you take so you will find the best pillow to support such a need.


In the end, you find the best pillow for your condition after you have first considered the specific purpose that it will serve. You then go through all the other factors mentioned so you can find one that aptly responds to such a requirement..

Your health is your primary concern during pregnancy. As such, you deserve the very best to provide the optimum satisfaction to your body and to your baby. Find the best pillow for pregnancy that can provide you with the safety and security throughout and even after your pregnancy.


This wedding was just perfect. Lauren and Ben got married at the Courthouse in Historic Ellicott City which is my favorite city on the East Coast. I just love the european feel of this historic town and it gave us great scenery for their portraits. Lauren’s dress was absolutely beautiful! This couple just had the greatest attitude despite the rain.


Ceremony: Circuit Court for Howard County

Portraits taken in Historic Ellicott City at: Sweet Cascades and Antique Depot

Dress: Apilat

Hair: Juliet with DMS Salon

Bouquet: Flowers by Judy


Samantha & James

When Krista from Krista A. Jones Photography asked me if I could second shoot for her I was super excited.

Here are some of my favorites from that wedding.