Maternity Clothing Essentials For The Stylish Moms

You can’t just wear anything when you are pregnant as a pregnant woman’s requirements when it comes to the proper maternity clothing is quite different from that who is not expecting. That’s why you will have to find the best leggings for pregnancy if you want to wear a few pairs during this period. There are also some maternity must-haves that you need to consider to have a more comfortable and happier pregnancy.


Pregnancy discomfort

A growing belly won’t just feel good in about anything you will try to fit it in. Anything that will add more pressure to your growing belly (also your growing body) will just make you feel worse.

During pregnancy, you experience headaches, vomiting, dizziness, nausea, bloating, swelling, mood swings. You even feel tired quite easily because you carry more weight and as the baby inside your belly depends on you for all the nutrients that it needs throughout the pregnancy. If you just put on anything that you think or see will fit your whole body in, you might soon find out that you sweat a lot quicker or are not feeling quite comfortable in them.

The American Pregnancy Association discusses these pregnancy challenges in detail and provides some practical ways of preventing, even alleviating, them.

Some of the discomfort that you may feel during this period may be caused or worsened by the kind of clothing that you wear. There are several ill-fitting maternity clothes that you may think will just suit you fine. Did you ever think of checking what material that blouse, skirt, leggings, or pants were made of? You were just too excited about getting over the day that you just slipped on the last pair of underwear or jeans you have in your closet. It’s only a few hours later that you feel different in your private parts that you thought of checking your undies or your clothes.

You did not realize that during this period, your hormones are acting up causing so many drastic changes in your body, including vaginal discharge. It’s only after you realized that what you wear may worsen any condition that you thought of changing your wardrobe.

There are unnecessary as well as unavoidable discomfort that you may experience throughout this period. However, if you can find the maternity clothing essentials to add to replace (for the meantime) whatever you have in your wardrobe, there will be a lot more comfortable days that will add joy to your pregnancy.

This is the reason why I am sharing with you some of the maternity must-haves that you may want to add to your list of to buy or to keep in your closet.

Pregnancy Must-Have: The Basics

Every expecting mother should have these basic but essential items of clothings. If you have them in your wardrobe, it will be easy for you to either dress up or dress down depending on the occasion, and, of course, your preference. These must-haves are comfortable yet stylish. I am certain that you will want to have just a piece or a pair of these maternity clothing essentials once you have experienced having them at any point in your pregnancy. This will add variety to the usual maternity dresses that you can find in many stores.

Hopefully, this will help you find the best maternity wear that will not only make you feel comfortable throughout your pregnancy but will also allow you to put your best foot forward as you feel and look totally stylish while wearing them.

Maternity Clothing Essentials for a comfy and stylish pregnancy

Pregnancy leggings

First, do not mistake this with the ordinary leggings that you frequently see on department stores and many online stores. Pregnancy leggings are made of more elastic and durable materials so they can provide the right support to the baby bump. They may also come with different cuts and designs so as to offer the kind of support and comfort that a pregnant woman like you requires.

Aside from the comfort it provides, leggings are also a versatile piece of clothing. You can pair with a nice top or blouse that can suit even a formal occasion. Stock up on them for it will be money well spent.

Basic tops

Another maternity clothing essential is the basic top. You can also dress up or dress down when you have one comfortable and stylish top to go with your lower garment. Just put on a cardigan or a vest and you are good to go. As they follow the contour of your body, you can show off your bump in while wearing one of them. Check out this floral and polka dot pleated peplum v-neck maternity top or short sleeve button up tunic top. Your choices are limitless, so find a few that best suit your preference.

Maxi dress

Even while you are still heavy with a child, you can still make a statement and be effortlessly beautiful. They are quite comfortable to wear and are available in a wide variety of styles. You will never run out of options when it comes to this piece of maternity clothing.

Maternity jeans

You can just wear about anything with maternity jeans. When looking for the right maternity jeans, make sure that you try a pair before buying them. It is also a good practice to pick one that will provide the right support for your belly bump. You may want to look for a pair with drawstrings, a jersey panel, or an under-the-bump style maternity jeans.

Maternity belly band

A belly band not only provides support to the belly and your back, it can also be a practical piece of maternity item that you can use to hold your pre-pregnancy pants so that you can still wear them even while you are pregnant.

Comfortable footwear

As your pregnancy progresses, it may be difficult for you to walk properly. The pressure of your baby’s weight may also cause your center of gravity to change and cause your feet to swell and create pain down the lower parts of your body. As such, it is important that you find the most comfortable footwear (flats, slip on, even boots if you become pregnant during the cool season).


You don’t need to rush when looking for the most comfortable pieces of must-haves for pregnancy. Remember that you and your baby’s health and safety depend on everything that you do with your body during pregnancy. Take time to compare items that you find in store or find related reviews. Also, don’t forget to try anything you consider buying.

Is there any particular piece of pregnancy wear that you love? If you can share your experience below on how you choose the best maternity clothing essential for pregnancy, that will be very much appreciated.

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