Sensitive Skin People Should Follow These Tips for Better Experience

Do you have sensitive skin that cuts bad when you shave? Fortunately, I am in the same vote. I want to help you get in a good shave with sensitive skin. A nice clean relaxing shave that won’t have you screaming and looking like a horror movie. I have been in your shoes and I want to help you out with the shave the best way I can. Generally, all you need is to apply the best shaving cream for sensitive skin to help the skin smoothen out. The skin doesn’t want to cut right. You must force it to cut right. When you use creams on skin, you trick your body into letting blades cut it closer. For more information on subject, view what I got to say below.


Use Proper Shave Equipment

Having the most proper shave equipment gets the shaving done. Not having anything that you could possibly need to make skin smooth is going to hurt you. So, go out and get a clean new razor first. You could use an electric razor. But, razors are more likely to shave everything off. Next, buy shaving cream for sensitive skin. Very important, to buy shaving cream for sensitive skin. Your skin is not going to blend with regular skin creams. Get the best shaving cream for sensitive skin while your at it. Best makes the skin flat and capable of getting the ingrown hairs pulled. Moving on, you should consider washing face with cold water. Doing this will wake up the hairs on face that are very stiff. You want those hairs to be very relaxed when shaving. More relax means softer shave in mirror.

Check the Blades

Equally important, check the blades of the razor you use. Old razors have very dull blades. I strongly suggest you switch to a new razor quick. Being cheap does not matter when you have sensitive skin. Imagine the pain you could be causing yourself with each swipe. I experience this pain last year. I never want to experience the face backing up and telling me stuck razor again. Tiny hairs stutter the shave motion and shred off in blood because they hold a type grip in face root. Prevent, by buying new razors at the shop and seeing if those razors have nice sharp blades for shaving. At all times, check the blades to get the nice and soft shaving experience you truly desire.

What is more, some razors have optical strips to indicate their effective sharpness. Advanced detection technology to help people see when the razor loses its sharp capability. To save a little bit of time, look for a razor that has strips that tell you when the razor is sharp and decreasing sharp. They come in hand when you really want to know if your razor is causing the problem. I believe the process works when the razor changes color. Though, you should read the instructions on back of razor to see how optical strips change.

Prep Skin for Shaving

More importantly, sensitive skin must be prep before a razor goes on it. Wash the face with cold water to smoothen it up. Then, wait 3 minutes or so for the water to sink in. Let the coldness loosen the facial hair grips on face. The next thing you should do is set aside time to shave. How much time? That really depends on how good your tools are and how long it take you to shave. Truthfully, you should set aside about 10 to minutes for shaving. Bring in all tools you need to shave with you as well. Once all this is done, proceed to apply some shaving cream or gel to face. Apply it to all areas on face you want to shave. After, you are now ready to shave your face. Good luck and don’t move too fast.