Tips on How to Choose the Best Shoes for Pregnancy

There are so many changes going on inside and outside a woman’s body during pregnancy. It comes as an exciting change for the whole family and everyone waits in anticipation of the coming baby. Every person in the family, even relatives, and friends participate in the nine-month-long journey until they all witness the birth of the new bundle of joy. It may seem to be all positive emotions, but there are more than just that. Throughout the nine months of pregnancy, the expecting mother would also have to bear a lot of pain. One of the best changes that she can do is to have a few couple pairs of the best shoes for pregnancy.

Pregnant woman taking off her shoes
Keeping up with pregnancy woes

During pregnancy, the growing baby’s weight will be a lot for the pregnant woman to bear. This changes so much about and in her. If you are one of these expectant moms, you will understand how much a woman’s body sore especially during the second and third trimester when the baby has already developed.

At the onset of pregnancy, accompanying challenges may not seem to be much. Early morning vomiting, nausea, dizziness, aversion to some food, can easily be managed. But as the condition progresses, there will be sleepless nights, undesirable skin changes, lower back pains, swelling ankles and feet, and all sorts of unusual body changes that can make any woman feel upset at times.

There’s nothing much that you can change about the condition. The baby continues to grow and the weight it adds on will put pressure on your whole body. The best thing that you can do is find one that can provide the best support for your aching body. Too much weight gained within such a short time will be too much for your feet to bear. You need to be kinder to those feet. If not, you’ll feel even more pains.

A small change goes a long way

Choosing the best footwear for pregnancy is all you need to lessen the aches that your feet (and your whole body) will feel. It is just a small change compared to what you will gain throughout your pregnancy, so if you are ready to lessen the burden, find the best shoes for pregnancy. Make your journey towards childbirth a lot more stress-free. Walk your way through the day feeling great about having a growing baby inside your belly.

Your center of gravity may change. You may waddle instead of walk. With a good-fitting yet stylish footwear, you can rock your way through your pregnancy and feel good about yourself. This will also be a good way of preventing the risks of falling, slipping, or tripping as your feet will feel more secure with a footwear that provides better support to your body.

Just like changing your maternity wardrobe, this simple change to your shoes will ensure that you will have more time to enjoy your pregnancy without feeling restricted.

Your feet are swelling, what should you do?

Why do they swell in the first place? Dr. Yvonne Butler Tobah explains that the fluid retained during pregnancy, the expanding uterus which impairs the blood flow, as well as hormonal changes, are the reason for ankle and feet swelling during pregnancy.

Wearing tight shoes when you are pregnant will add pressure to your feet. This also restricts water in your body to flow freely causing more swelling and a lot more pain not just to the feet but to the whole body.

Varicose veins are also common during pregnancy. The common cause of this is also almost the same as that which are already mentioned. This adds to the pain that you may already have. To lessen the pain that you may feel, experts recommend wearing thick socks and NO tight shoes on. That means you may just have to ditch those high-heeled shoes that you have been wearing for so long. Instead, start looking for a few pairs that will be kind enough to your feet.

If you are still uncertain on how to find the right pair for your feet, check the guideline below. This will help you choose the right footwear for pregnancy.

Look for the right fit

When looking for anything, size always matters. When you are pregnant, you need a pair that not only will feet your growing feet but will provide much support to your whole body. Find a couple of pairs that are about a size or two bigger than your regular shoes. Consider both length and width. It will be better if you buy shoes during the latter part of the day as this will be the time when your feet have already absorbed much pressure from your body after walking or sitting for hours.

Look for a pair that complements comfort with style

Pregnancy does not mean boring. You can still look good and feel good at the same time. There are several variations available, so don’t just settle for the very first pair that you see in a store or online even if you know that there are more shoes with better-looking designs available.

The design should not be too complicated, however. Shoes with redundant knotted-strings will a lot more difficult to wear as bending over will really be a challenge. Opt for a footwear with rubber straps as they will be very easy to put on and will be quite convenient for your travel.

Footwear made of suitable materials will definitely be pregnancy-friendly


Soft, highly elastic, water-absorbing, airy and cool materials for a footwear are what you should be looking for. Try as many pairs you can find to find the right shoes that will provide the most comfortable fit for your shoes.

Say “NO” to heels

Balance can be a lot difficult to maintain when you are pregnant. Moving around in heels will not only be difficult, it can be hazardous. It’s best that you look for a pair with wider and lower heels as wearing shoes like these will be a lot easier to walk around with.

Opt for high friction shoe heels

High friction shoes are safer to wear, not just when you are pregnant. It gives  your feet more security when walking around, especially on wet or slippery floors and pathways. Don’t lose your footing. Find a pair of footwear that has a better grip on the floor and on your shoes.

Keep them clean

When you are pregnant, you will feel hot a lot of times. Your feet will also perspire more. Needless to say, you need to keep your feet dry. Replacing your shoes twice a day will also be appropriate. Air dry your shoes for at least 8 hours before storing them. Keep them smelling clean and fresh all the time.


Your shose matters, especially when you are pregnant. Look for pregnancy-friendly pairs that you can use at any time without worries.

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